Willesden and Peking Duck

Not many people know that Willesden is famous for its innovative cuisine.

Let’s start with Chinese and year 1963 ….

The Kuo Yuan was a Chinese restaurant on Willesden High Road , London, England, which played an important part in the history of  chinese cuisine in the  UK. In particular, it was the first restaurant in the UK to serve Pekinese dishes, including Peking Duck . Peking Duck is now served at most Chinese restaurants in the UK.

 Observer states “In 1963 the now communist Chinese Embassy once again gave the business a boost when a group of Chinese restaurateurs managed to convince the ambassador’s chef, a Mr Kuo from Beijing, to defect. They set him up with his own restaurant, the Kuo Yuan in North West London, and it soon became a huge hit, not least because he was serving the first Pekinese dishes Britain had ever seen, including Peking Duck. A visit by Princess Margaret and Lord Snowdon, the Posh and Becks of their day, put both the restaurant and Chinese food on the map.

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